ADHD drug shortage deepens as demand reaches new highs

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The national ADHD drug shortage has entered its fifth month, leaving people who rely on medications like Adderall with few alternatives. The shortage has also affected other drugs, including Concerta, Ritalin, and Vyvanse.

Factors contributing to the ADHD drug shortage

ADHD diagnoses have surged during the pandemic. The DEA limits the production of ADHD, which are Schedule II drugs with high abuse potential. Additionally, manufacturing and supply chain issues have also exacerbated the ADHD drug shortage. Generics giant Teva, for one, has acknowledged facing “intermittent manufacturing delays.”

There are also unclear guidelines for doctors pondering how long to prescribe ADHD drugs, according to Dr. Heidi Moawad, a neurologist on Sermo’s medical advisory board.

“Maybe the pharmaceutical companies will increase their production of [ADHD drugs], but I don’t kno…

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