Medical Alley AssociationMinnesota’s Medical Alley Association announced that it launched an accelerator for early-stage healthcare startup companies.

Medical Alley Starts is described in its subsection of the Medical Alley website as a focused initiative and suite of services targeted at accelerating healthcare startup formation and growth in Minnesota’s Medical Alley region.

The accelerator is led by eight entrepreneurs: Highland Circle Innovations managing director Morgan Clyburn, Visana Health CEO joe Connolly, Jodi Hubler, Rebiotix founder & CEO Lee Jones, Amplio Rx CEO James Kent, Bright Health co-founder Kyle Rolfing, Baird Capital partner Nicole Walker and Capita3 founding general partner & managing director Pam York.

Medical Alley aims to use the accelerator to connect startups to investors and corporate leaders, offer rapid access to critical resources and offer a connection to the association’s national branding campaign.

The association said it engages with more than 300 ventures each year, offering its assistance in a major healthcare ecosystem while referring companies to high-quality deal flow, connecting companies with other investors and helping to find strategic advisors.