Tecan’s purpose is to improve people’s lives and health. We do that by empowering customers to scale healthcare innovation globally, from life science to the clinic. We collaborate with our customers in medical, diagnostics and life sciences, from early-stage innovation through project implementation and beyond. We deliver the products, services and solutions that make lab processes and medical procedures precise, reproducible and compliant. This leads to scalable outcomes that are further reaching and ever more valuable to humankind.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Tecan is a leader in developing and manufacturing OEM instruments, components and medical devices that are then distributed by partner companies. As constantly sourcing for solutions through different OEM vendors is both inefficient and costly, Tecan is a single, reliable, integrated partner for all component, automation development and manufacturing needs, streamlining the healthcare OEM process and helping to drive market growth.

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Thrive in the ever-evolving global market with Tecan as your strategic OEM partner

Today’s competitive landscape places demands on life sciences, clinical diagnostics and MedTech companies to be faster and more innovative to keep ahead of the curve while assuring the highest standards of product quality and compliance. Partnering with a strategic original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that understands and anticipates future trends enables you to maximize the return on your investment and stay ahead of the competition.

Maximize the return on your investment
Reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) is an effective way to maximize the return on your investment. With over 40 years of experience and a proven track record working with industry-leading companies, partner with Tecan to drive scalable, long-term growth.

The Tecan advantage to lower TCO
Swift reaction to market developments
Greater operational efficiency
Faster time-to-market
Quality assurance