Paramit, headquartered just outside the heart of Silicon Valley and acquired by Swiss-based Tecan Group in 2021, is dedicated to improving people’s lives and health by empowering customers to scale healthcare innovation globally. Paramit develops and manufactures electronics based medical devices and life science instruments. We offer customers around the globe access to a deep bench of engineering and product development talent, as well as access to high-quality, cost-competitive manufacturing in North America and the APAC region. Our two world class facilities, strategically located in Northern California and Penang, each span roughly 150,000 square feet and are ISO 13485 certified.

Both Paramit and its parent company, Tecan, are dedicated to improving people’s lives and health-related outcomes. We share a strong customer-centric culture and a long track record of operating in highly regulated markets, which are focused on mechatronic-intensive instruments that combine custom electronics, optics, robotics and/or microfluidics. Paramit’s vertically integrated capabilities include PCB assembly, test development, optics assembly and our innovative vPoke® computer directed mechanical assembly process. vPoke, designed for high integrity manufacturing and regulated markets, provides us with comprehensive device history records and full traceability for each and every product, ensuring that we consistently meet our goal of zero defects.

Additional Info

Number of Facilities2

As a recent Tecan Group acquisition, Paramit now benefits from over 40 years of expertise in scaling healthcare
innovation globally from research to the clinic. We offer supply resiliency and stability, while our uniquely colocated design and manufacturing groups ensure swift, efficient transitions from concept through production.

Benefits that define us:
Long-term partnership for enduring success
Innovative & tailored solutions for key applications
vPoke technology for zero defect manufacturing
Stability backed by Tecan's global framework

Co-Location Advantage:
Early risk mitigation and supply chain integration
Optimized efficiency for streamlined processes
Global R&D expertise with 400+ engineering team
Accelerated time-to-market for swift market debu