VitalConnect VitalPatch
[Image from VitalConnect]

Frost & Sullivan today recognized VitalConnect with its 2022 North America New Product innovation award for its biosensor technology.

VitalConnect’s biosensor monitors patients and detects multiple health problems.

According to a news release, the platform reduced hospital workloads by enabling home monitoring. Patients who prefer to move freely could use the comfortable, state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring device. It demonstrated the same effectiveness and quality as existing hospital- or home-based devices.

“With an embedded biosensor, the four-inch medical-grade wearable miniaturizes the observational capabilities of an ICU. The unique cardiac monitoring technology simultaneously examines eight essential patient vitals, looking for 21 different cardiac arrhythmias while sending all patient data to a secure cloud in real-time,” said Varun Babu, senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Traditional cardiac monitoring solutions like the Holter monitor have multiple wires and are difficult to carry due to their weight. Uncomfortable for patients, these solutions often provide suboptimal parameters for doctors to assess.”

VitalConnect said VitalPatch represents its flagship product. The small, easy-to-wear biosensor monitors parameters including heart rate, respiration rate and body temperature. It also detects arrhythmia.

The VitalPatch works in conjunction with VistaCenter, a cloud-based program. VistaCenter shows patient-generated data in real time and enables notifications 24/7.

“VitalPatch stores PGD in the cloud, giving physicians full disclosure and real-time access to critical patient information. It advances the level of care as patients do not need an emergency check if they feel unwell before the monitoring period is over,” said Manuel Albornoz, best practices research analyst for Frost & Sullivan. “Frost & Sullivan believes VitalConnect is well-positioned to drive the wearable biosensor space into its next growth phase, capturing market share and gaining leadership in the coming years.”