Here’s why medtech companies must embrace innovation, connectivity and disruption.


connectivity DeviceTalks Tuesday DeviceTalks Tuesday healthcare innovation S3 Connected Health connectivityHealthcare must shift away from responding to acute episodes and focus on chronic and preventive care to provide better care, value, and population health. Data will inform the transition. Key questions include, “What does this mean for medtech? What role does medtech play in the future?”

The topic of innovation in healthcare — including devices, data, and disruption — was the focus of a recent episode of DeviceTalks Tuesdays, sponsored by S3 Connected Health.

Panelists included medical device experts Bill Betten, director of solutions – medtech for S3 Connected Health, and Michael Hill, PhD, retired VP of corporate science, technology and innovation at Medtronic and currently a partner at Science Innovation.

Here are five takeaways on the growing importance of data and disruption in medtech.

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