Zander Laboratories inks $33M deal to develop brain-computer interface tech

[Image from Milad Fakurian on Unsplash]Germany-based startup Zander Laboratories signed a contract worth €30 million ($32.9 million) to develop neurotechnological prototypes.

Zander signed the contract with The German Agency for Innovation in Cybersecurity. The deal aims to revolutionize the interaction between humans and machines, plus AI. It could eliminate the need for high-risk brain interventions to control machines.

For this initiative, the startup proposed a project called “Neuroadaptivity for Autonomous Systems” (NAFAS). The project employs a passive brain-computer interface (BCI), allowing users to perform actions without actively imagining them. Zander researchers hope to decode mental states based on brain signals, pinpointing categories transferable to artificial systems.

Ultimately, Zander said it hopes to explore a new generation of machines capable of real-time adaptation to user cognitive and affective states.


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