Ymmunobio gets ownership rights to NPTXR antibodies

The biotech Ymmunobio has acquired ownership rights to neuronal pentraxin receptor (NPTXR) antibodies, which could promise in treating several gastrointestinal cancers.

Basel, Switzerland–based Ymmunobio reached an agreement with Nagoya University in Japan in 2022 to transfer rights to the antibodies. Professor Mitsuro Kanda of Nagoya University invented the antibodies.

A 2020 article published in Molecular Cancer noted NPTXR-targeting antibodies may have utility as novel diagnostic tools or treatment modalities for gastric cancer.

The company has selected the YB-800 NPTxR antibody as a candidate for development. Based on in vitro and in vivo testing, YP-800 appears to have anti-tumor activity against solid tumors, including gastro-intestinal and breast cancers.

Ymmunobio’s website notes that it has multiple generations of immune agonistic antibodies targeting Carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 1 (CEACAM1) in development. Anti…

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