3 pitfalls to avoid when choosing fasteners for wearables

[Photo courtesy of YKK]

Though they’re a small component, fasteners play a critical role in device performance.

Keith Glaser, YKK (U.S.A.)

Medical wearables technology — devices worn on the body or clothing that diagnose, treat or alleviate disease, or help mitigate injuries — has advanced significantly in recent years. While many people think of fitness trackers and health watches, this booming market also includes items like orthopedic braces, wearable injectors and compression garments.

Fasteners play a critical role in product performance, even though they are a small component of the overall device. They are probably the most frequently touched part of the product, used to attach it to the body or make it tighter or looser based on user need.

Let’s explore three key pitfalls to avoid when choosing fasteners that can result in underperforming wearables, wasted time and money and missed opp…

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