XOMA acquires Ixinity’s commercial payment and milestone rights in $9.6M

Biotech royalty aggregator XOMA (Nasdaq:XOMA) has acquired the commercial payment and part of the milestone rights to Ixinity (trenonacog alfa), a hemophilia B therapy originally from Aptevo Therapeutics (Nasdaq:APVO). The aggregator expects the move to bolster its royalty and milestone portfolio, potentially providing consistent cash flow and ramping up its royalty aggregation strategy.

The acquired asset, Ixinity, is now marketed by Medexus Pharmaceuticals (TSE:MDP) to control and prevent bleeding episodes and postoperative management in people with hemophilia B.

Aptevo sold Ixinity rights to Medexus Pharmaceuticals in 2020. The FDA first approved Ixinity in 2015.

A win-win deal

Brad Sitko

Brad Sitko, chief investment officer of XOMA, explained the company’s mission to Drug Discovery & Development, stating, “Our focus is to provide non-dilutive capital to biotech companies, so they …

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