Xenco Medical launches porous spinal implant

Xenco Medical this week said it launched its Cancellex porous titanium lumbar interbodies.

The injection-molded titanium foam spinal implants are designed to be pre-attached to disposable, composite polymer instruments. They feature interconnected porosity throughout each implant and are designed to promote bone apposition and facilitate vascularization

Each implant is sterile packaged and comes pre-attached to a disposable composite polymer delivery instrument. Each disposable instrument attached to the titanium foam implant are calibrated and sterile-packaged for patient-specific use.

“Optimized for energy absorption and bone ingrowth, the interconnected network of pores that permeate each CancelleX porous titanium implant serves to achieve bone-like mechanical properties,” founder and CEO Jason Haider said in a news release.

Xenco Medical’s systems are designed to increase efficiency in the operating room while eliminating internal logist…

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