GE Healthcare launches next-gen fixed X-ray system

The Definium Tempo fixed X-ray system [Image courtesy of GE Healthcare]GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE) today announced its next-gen Definium Tempo fixed X-ray system.

The Definium Tempo is a fixed, overhead tube suspension (OTS) digital X-ray system. Its creators designed it to be a “personal assistant” to radiologists and technologists. The idea is to leverage automation to reduce workflow burdens and help radiology departments boost patient care.

The Definium Tempo’s tube-mounted console includes functionality for patient selection, protocol selection, technique modification and positioning setup — enabling a technologist to finish all exam setup and positioning without leaving the patient’s side. There are also automatic features, including Auto Positioning, Auto Centering and Auto Tracking.

“I’ve been a technologist for over 17 years, and using this system has been unlike anything I’ve experienced before – it’s a…

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