Wyzo high-speed pick-and-place sidebot wins design awards

The robotics firm Wyzo (Ecublens, Switzerland) has announced that it has won two design awards.

The first is the Design Award in the Industry & Tools Category from iF while the second is the Best of the Best Award from Red Dot for Industrial Equipment, Product Design and Robotics.

“These awards show how important it is to take care of the look of the machine, as well as how customers interact with it and their overall experience,” said Christian Vouillamoz, chief technology officer at Wyzo. “It reinforces the belief that we are changing the face of industrial automation and carving a path to follow for collaborative, pick-and-place robotics.”

According to Wyzo CEO Frank Souyris, the robot is suitable for various pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. Pharma applications include top-loading applications, machine loading, kit packaging, bottle handling, and similar applications.

The robot can operate safely side-by-side with humans without p…

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A closer look at the Wyzo high-speed pick-and-place sidebot

The Wyzo robot features a human machine interface designed for ease of use.

The robotics firm Wyzo (Ecublens, Switzerland) recently debuted a novel pick-and-place sidebot, which is suitable for various uses, including lightweight applications within pharmaceutical facilities. Pharmaceutical Processing World recently profiled the robot, which can support up to 80 picks per minute.  

To learn more about the robot, we reached out to Wyzo CEO Frank Souyris, who describes the types of pharmaceutical applications the technology can handle. Souyris also provides information on how the robot can operate side-by-side with humans without protective barriers or performance compromises. 

What kind of pharmaceutical applications do you envision for the Wyzo robot? 

Souyris: Thanks to the high-tech robotic arm and built-in or external vision systems, the Wyzo sidebot is suitable for any type of pharmaceutica…

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