Why filter bank design is critical for effective hearing aids

[Photo courtesy of Widex USA]

The choice of filter bank is key for recreating natural sound in hearing aids.

Dana Helmink, Widex USA

Modern hearing aids are a medical technology marvel, specifically in the area of digital audio processing. They capture sound waves, convert them to digital signals, process them through the device, then deliver a new sound wave to the ear automatically optimized for the setting and wearer. Digital audio processing is not new, but when it’s done through a medical device like a hearing aid, it can change lives for the better.

One in every eight Americans aged 12 and older has hearing loss in both ears and a majority would benefit from treatment. If left unaddressed, hearing loss can contribute to significant cognitive decline, in addition to depression, anxiety and isolation. Meanwhile, studies suggest that socialization and daily participation in everyday life — often e…

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