WhiteSwell fluid removal system produces positive study results

WhiteSwell announced positive initial results from its DELTA-HF trial evaluating its eLym system for excess fluid removal.

Galway, Ireland-based WhiteSwell designed eLym to treat acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF). It presented data at the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) Annual Scientific Meeting 2023 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The study evaluates the eLym minimally invasive catheter-based system. eLym facilitates the removal of excess fluid from the body’s tissues and organs concurrent with diuretic removal of excess vascular fluid. The system targets the body’s largest lymphatic vessel and creates pressure conditions. These conditions support the tissue drainage capabilities of the overwhelmed lymphatic system.

Clinicians deploy e the left internal jugular and innominate veins near the thoracic duct. It creates a low-pressure zone to facilitate fluid drainage in conjunction with intravenous diuretics.

In DELTA-HF, nine hospita…

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