GLP-1 drug tirzepatide shines in SURMOUNT-3 trial with weight loss of 26.6%

In the phase 3 SURMOUNT-3 trial, tirzepatide recipients saw some of the most impressive weight loss results among trials of GLP-1 drugs, including most notably semaglutide. In the study, participants’ total mean weight loss was 26.6% over 84 weeks following a 12-week intensive lifestyle intervention and subsequent tirzepatide treatment. In all, participants who received tirzepatide lost an additional 18.4% of their body weight compared to a weight gain of 2.5% in the placebo group.

In SURMOUNT-3, some 87.5% of participants who received tirzepatide achieved an additional weight reduction of 5% or more, compared to 16.5% of those in the placebo group.

While it is difficult to compare data from separate studies, the highest weight loss percentage for tizepatide, 26.6%, was 53% higher than the highest percentage, 17.4%, for semaglutide (OASIS 1).

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