Zepbound helps people lose 25% of body weight on average 88 weeks, but weight regain is a concern

Lilly’s hot weight loss drug Zepbound (tirzepatide) may be one of the most effective drug therapies for weight loss. In an open-label 36-week study, participants lost an average of 20.9% of their body weight in 36 weeks. With an average weight of 107.3 kg (236.5 lbs), that equates to about 22.4 kg (49.4 lbs) on average.

Weight regain a risk for those going off Zepbound

The catch, however, is that participants needed to keep taking the drug to keep losing weight. Those who stopped taking it saw a rebound, regaining about half of what was lost in the 52-week period after the initial 36-week study. But those who kept taking tirzepatide continued losing weight — an additional 5.5% reduction from week 36 to week 88.

In general, significant weight loss followed be regain can be more than an inconvenience. A Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 16-year prospective cohort study looking at patients with type 2 diabetes found such fluctuations to be linked to…

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