How CMOs can simplify medical device onshoring

Medical device manufacturers can benefit from the technical capabilities, adaptability and medical-sector knowledge of experienced contract manufacturing organizations. [Photo courtesy of Web Industries]

Onshoring — also known as reshoring — can help medtech manufacturers reduce their exposure to a host of new and evolving challenges.

Ralph Tricomi, Web Industries Inc.

Medical device manufacturers currently face unprecedented challenges to production and supply chain continuity. Successful onshoring — or reshoring, as it’s sometimes called — can mitigate these risks.

High on the list are the threats of continued global economic shutdowns due to the COVID pandemic, newly emerging pandemics and other global health crises, and geopolitical conflict and instability around the world.

Manufacturers are also dealing with rising transportation and energy costs, labor shortages affecting logistics, man…

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Web Industries names replacement for retiring CEO

Web Industries CEO John Madej [Photo courtesy of Web Industries]

Web Industries today announced John Madej as the contract manufacturing organization’s next CEO.

Madej joined Web Industries as president in March 2022 after 13 years with Hollingsworth & Vose, where he was COO and CFO. He also spent 24 years at General Electric in the U.S. and Japan, serving as president and CEO for Exatec LLC, a GE-Bayer joint venture.

Madej will replace retiring CEO Mark Pihl, who will now chair the employee-owned company’s board.

“The focus on building and maintaining trusted relationships has a strong history and emphasis at Web Industries,” Madej said in a news release. “I’m looking forward to using this strength to establish and nurture close collaborative relationships with customers.”

Marlborough, Massachusetts-based Web Industries offers precision converting and outs…

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The right Contract Manufacturer (CMO) makes all the difference

Web Industries specializes in high-tech commercialization solutions for medical devices and diagnostics. Utilizing the latest automated technologies combined with in-house biochemistry preparation, rigorous quality systems, and structured process transfer procedures, we provide contract manufacturing services designed for high-volume production that are easily scalable to millions of devices.

Trusted by top-tier medical device companies for over 35 years.

As an industry leader in medical contract manufacturing services, we have a long history of applying our expertise, innovative thinking and creative problem solving to help speed time to market, drive costs down and continually improve processes to maximize your success.

Our facilities offer:

Nearly 40 precision converting and manufacturing lines Modular and automated multi-layer device assembly 6,500-square-foot facility built specifically for LFI manufacturing Automated reel-to-reel medic…
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