WMFTS offers electromagnetic flowmeter for biopharma applications

Krohne sensor [Image courtesy of WMFTS]

Fluid technology specialist Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) offers the Krohne Flexmag 4050 C electromagnetic flowmeter for biopharmaceutical customers.

The flowmeter line supports a range of bioprocessing applications, such as filtration processes, chromatography, and buffer or media preparation.

The Falmouth, UK–based company notes that the accurate and reliable flow-measuring system integrates with other products from the company.

The company noted that the Krohne Flexmag 4050 C is the first single-use electromagnetic flowmeter.

The flowmeter also offers more accurate readings independent of pressure, temperature and fluid viscosity than ultrasonic single-use flowmeters, according to the manufacturer.

The Krohne Flexmag 4050 C supports the use of two distinct flow ranges without recalibration after an exchange between two f…

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