Wandercraft wins FDA clearance for exoskeleton for people with spinal cord injuries

The Atalante X exoskeleton system. [Image from Wandercraft]Wandercraft announced today that it received FDA clearance for its Atalante X exoskeleton for individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCIs).

The FDA granted clearance for people with SCIs at levels T5 to L5 to utilize the self-balancing robotic exoskeleton technology. The system enables those with limited mobility to stand up and walk again.

Wandercraft says safety and efficacy data from more than 500 patients supported the regulatory nod. Atalante X already picked up FDA clearance for cerebrovascular accident in December 2022.

Wandercraft’s Atalante X exoskeleton features a powered ankle mechanism. It can perform complex ankle movements that enable wearers to mimic a natural human gait. This helps therapists better assist patients in their rehabilitation, the company said.

Therapists can help users stand up and walk in the exoskeleton, including in their very first session. The wearer c…

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