Think Surgical, Link collab on surgical robotics for total knee replacement

Think Surgical announced today that it plans a collaboration with Waldemar Link to implement its technology in surgical robotics.

In the collaboration, Think Surgical plans to add the LinkSymphoKnee system to its ID-HUB. ID-HUB serves as a proprietary data bank of implant modules for use with Think Surgical’s TMINI handheld miniature surgical robotic system.

TMINI received FDA clearance in May 2023. It features a wireless, robotic handpiece that assists surgeons in performing total knee replacement. Following a CT-based three-dimensional surgical plan, the TMINI robotic handpiece automatically compensates for the surgeon’s hand movement to locate bone pins along precisely defined planes. Cutting guides are then connected to the bone pins for accurate bone resection.

Part of Think Surgical’s offering includes a commitment to providing open-platform robots. It aims to support implants from multiple manufacturers, adding Link implants to i…

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