Volta Medical raises $37.9M Series B, appoints Farapulse co-founder as CFO

The VX1 platform. [Image from Volta Medical’s website]AI-based AFib treatment developer Volta Medical announced today that it raised $37.9 million (€36 million) in a new Series B funding round.

Marseille, France-based Volta develops technology to assist electrophysiologic physicians in treating complex cardiac arrhythmias. In December 2020, the FDA cleared Volta’s VX1 AI software for interventional cardiac electrophysiology.

The tool uses machine and deep learning algorithms. It assists operators in the real-time manual annotation of 3D anatomical and electrical maps of the human atria. Its uses included during an Afib or atrial tachycardia. Volta believes the detection and patient-specific localization of abnormal regions may eventually help physicians better decide where they need to intervene to burn (radiofrequency) or freeze (cryotherapy) faulty electrical pathways.

VX1 could offer a faster and more accurate way to identify zones of interes…

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Volta Medical raises $28M for Afib treatment tech

Volta Medical announced this week that it raised $28 million in a financing round for its AI algorithms for treating cardiac arrhythmias.

Marseille, France-based Volta Medical said in a news release that the $28 million, raised in a round led by Gilde Healthcare with participation from existing shareholder Pasteur Mutualité, will help the company establish its VX1 AI software solution as a new standard of care.

VX1 is a machine- and deep-learning algorithm designed to assist operators in the real-time manual annotation of 3D anatomical and electrical maps of the human atria during Afib or atrial tachycardia. The company received FDA clearance for the platform in December 2020.

The company also expects to utilize the funds raised to pursue further R&D activities and begin the rollout of commercial activities across the U.S. and Europe, as the device has CE Mark approval, too.Volta is currently recruiting for an international multicenter trial called T…

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