Smith+Nephew LEAF patient monitor wins innovative tech nod

The LEAF patient monitoring system. [Image courtesy of Smith+Nephew]Smith+Nephew (NYSE:SNN) announced today that its LEAF patient monitoring system received an Innovative Technology designation from Vizient.

Vizient awards Innovative Technology designations to previously contracted products. The award signals to healthcare providers the impact of these innovations.

London-based Smith+Nephew exhibited the LEAF system at the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange last year.

Smith+Nephew’s LEAF offers visual alerts in the patient room and at the nurse’s station. It tells users who needs to be turned and when. Its Integrated Positioning Technology precisely measures the effectiveness of patient turning. This includes turn frequency, turn angle and tissue recovery time.

The wearable, wireless system helps improve adherence to individualized turn protocols up to 98%. It demonstrated the ability to reduce the chance of developing hospital-acquir…

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Medtronic inks deal to add Hugo-compatible, AI-based surgical system to Vizient’s offerings

[Image from Medtronic]Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) announced today that it entered into a contract that adds its Touch Surgery Enterprise platform to Vizient’s offerings.

The medtech giant’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered surgical video management and analytics platform for the operating room (OR) offers surgeons a performance-improving tool as well as a method to train others. It will be added to Vizient’s platforms, which serve more than half of the nation’s healthcare providers.

Medtronic’s Touch Surgery Enterprise works with laparoscopic and robotic scopes to help hospitals take a step toward digitizing their OR while utilizing existing equipment. The system has compatibility with Medtronic’s Hugo robot-assisted surgery system.

Touch Surgery Enterprise automatically records surgical video. Then, it delivers it to the cloud, offering a way for surgeons to review specific steps while also being useful for training purpose…

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Formlabs scores contract with Vizient to get 3D printers to health providers

Formlabs says the number of hospitals and health systems using its printers to make swabs, surgical tools and more quadrupled during the pandemic.  [Image courtesy of Formlabs]

Formlabs announced today that its 3D printers have made it into the catalog of Vizient, a major group purchasing organization for U.S. health providers.

The Vizient contract is the first for a 3D printing company seeking access to the healthcare market. Officials at Somerville, Massachusetts–based Formlabs said the deal demonstrates the increased demand at hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers for 3D printed surgical tools and medical supplies amid pandemic-related supply chain problems.

When traditional manufacturers were unable to meet the demand for nasopharyngeal swabs for COVID-19 testing, Formlabs 3D printers picked up the slack and produced 70 million, according to the company. Formlabs says the number of hospitals and h…

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Pentax Medical expands Vizient contract to include pediatric endoscopes

Pentax Medical today announced that it has expanded its contract with Vizient to include pediatric endoscopes.

The contract will give Pentax Medical the ability to offer endoscopes through the Vizient Pediatric Program to Vizient member hospitals. The agreement also includes other value-added offerings, education opportunities and best practices.

Get the full story on our sister site, Medical Tubing + Extrusion.

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Dabir Surfaces forges deal with Vizient

Dabir Surfaces (Harwood Heights, Ill.) recently announced that it has landed a contract with group purchasing firm Vizient.

Dabir also announced a deal with Premier this month. 

The contract with Vizient, effective April 1, 2021, involves both OR products and patient care products. Dabir will provide powered overlay surfaces for patients at risk of developing pressure injuries in perioperative care and inpatient care, among other settings.

The contract provides the purchasing company’s members access to negotiated pricing and terms for the Dabir Surfaces’ products.


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DTW Podcast: Vizient on PPE, Vicarious on VR-aided robotics and let’s all hope for pumpernickel

This week’s episode of DeviceTalks Weekly is brought to you by the later V, as in Vizient and Vicarious Surgical.

Bharat Sundaram, COO and president of Vizient, will share how the healthcare supplier is strengthening the supply of PPE for hospitals. He’ll also reveal when the company expects to see US hospitals running at pre-COVID levels. Hint: It’ll be a while.

Adam Sachs, CEO of Vicarious Surgical, tells us how the company will put a new round of capital from high-powered investors including Bill Gates and Vinod Khosla to work in developing to develop a surgical system employing robotic and virtual reality technologies. How does the start-up expect to compete with the established leaders in the robotics space?

Co-host Chris Newmarker, executive editor, life sciences, will walk us through the five biggest newsmakers on the MassDevice site involving C.R. Bard, Theranos, and Medtronic. Number one may surprise you, but given the time, perhaps …

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Vizient signs contract to make 40 million PPE gowns

Vizient announced today that it entered into an agreement with Encompass Group for its Novaplus Enhanced Supply program for personal protective equipment.

Irving, Texas-based Vizient said in a news release that the agreement will increase the supply of PPE and enable access to 40 million AAMI level three disposable isolation gowns annually for its member hospitals. The agreement also includes disposable bouffant caps and shoe covers for healthcare workers.

Vizient’s program is part of its strategy to create a more resilient supply chain by increasing visibility of raw materials and product origin, expanding domestic capacity and adding onshore inventory for member hospitals.

Under the agreement, Encompass expects to begin manufacturing in the U.S. in 2021, but will continue to use manufacturing lines created in Mexico until that time.

“Bringing new PPE suppliers to our members demonstrates Vizient’s commitment to meeting the needs of hospita…

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Vizient to distribute WishBone Medical’s pediatric ortho implants

WishBone Medical announced today that it entered into a national agreement with Vizient to provide orthopedic implants to pediatric patients.

Warsaw, Ind.-based WishBone said in a news release that Vizient’s membership base includes more than 50% of the nation’s acute care providers, allowing WishBone’s “Just-In-Time” supply of single-use sterile kits for children with orthopedic issues to give healthcare facilities options for immediate availability and shipment at contracted prices as needed.

“In the year 2020, there is still a huge technology deficit in the OR with 95% of children receiving adult implants not cleared by the FDA for pediatric use,” WishBone founder & CEO Nick Deeter said in the release. “In some instances, these off-label applications can cause more harm than good. WishBone is thrilled about another game-changing opportunity to create greater access to solutions that are truly designed around the …

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