VivaLNK offers way to conduct wireless 6-minute walk test

VivaLNK this week announced that it has launched its wearable ECG monitor to wirelessly capture ECG and heart rate during a six-minute walk test.

The six-minute walk test is a common exercise routine use in patients with pulmonary hypertension, congestive heart failure, pre-lung transplant evaluation, interstitial lung disease or COPD. The wearable allows for patient monitoring while they walk as far as they can in a six-minute period to assess cardiopulmonary function.

The wearable includes a wearable ECG patch, a specialized mobile app and cloud data services. Patients wear the wireless ECG patch while a clinician monitor and controls the test using a mobile app. Data from the test is consolidated into a centralized database in the cloud for post analysis.

VivaLNK anticipates the wearable to be used for clinical research in a number of applications, including cardiac rehab, digital biomarkers of arrhythmia onset and pharmaceutical clinical trials.

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