Viseon expands to outpatient surgery for 4K endoscope digital visualization tech

Viseon today announced plans to expand its market reach to outpatient surgery centers to move beyond minimally invasive spine surgery.

The Irvine, California-based company develops a single-use, 4K visualization system that serves as an alternative to more costly equipment like surgical microscopes, endoscopes and exoscopes. Viseon said that the technology makes high-quality visualization more accessible to surgeons.

“After initially cutting our teeth in minimally invasive spine surgery, we are now expanding the clinical applications for our enabling technology, a 4K advanced digital visualization (4K-ADV) company, with clinical and economic utility across several surgical areas of opportunity,” CEO Jeffrey Valko said in a news release. “We have demonstrated over 30% sales growth YTD 2023 over YTD 2022, as our surgeon users have consistently cost-justified their adoption of this enabling technology across multiple procedure types. Our surgeon …

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