Decoding the future of RNA vaccines with Aldevron’s Venkata Indurthi

[Christoph Burgstedt/Adobe Stock]

From tackling the COVID-19 pandemic to paving the way for future global health challenges, RNA vaccines have rapidly gained attention in recent years. Researchers are already working to extend their capabilities for next-gen medicines. For example, scientists are working to create multivalent RNA formulations that can fight multiple virus variants. They are also exploring AI tools to refine RNA vaccine designs, predicting viral mutations, optimizing dosages and improving stability while easing stringent cold chain requirements. Such considerations could shape future pandemic responses.

In the following Q&A, Venkata Indurthi, chief scientific officer at genomic medicine manufacturing specialist Aldevron gives us an inside look at these RNA vaccine developments. Indurthi details the unique challenges researchers face in developing thermostable formulations, forecasting mutatio…

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