How silica can support cold chain logistics

Aerosil-based vacuum insulation panels feature multiple layers of a special film for ideal insulation against hot and cold temperatures.

In the early days of the pandemic, the subarctic storage requirements for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines sparked renewed interest in the cold chain. One potentially overlooked element of the cold chain is silica, according to the specialty chemicals company Evonik. The company states that its Aerosil fumed silica supports passively cold transport units using cool packs or dry ice. Specifically, fumed silica supports passive cooling without an external energy source. The company synthesizes its vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) lined with Aerosil in a 1200° C hydrogen flame. VIPs filled with fumed silica offer substantial insulation with a thin layer of material. Fumed silica–based materials are thus suitable for use in insulating containers or boxes for temperature-controlled transport of g…

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