FDA authorization of vilobelimab signals new opportunities for drug developers in inflammatory diseases

The FDA has granted InflaRx (Nasdaq:IFRX) emergency use authorization (EUA) for the monoclonal antibody Gohibic (vilobelimab) to treat critically-ill COVID-19 patients. The company’s shares were up yesterday almost 84% to $3.77. Today, its shares jumped an additional 62% to $6.10.

The EUA represents a significant advance for the Jena, Germany–based company, which on March 31, 2022, encountered a setback related to the antibody. At that time, the company announced that vilobelimab failed a topline readout for critically ill intubated patients suffering from COVID-induced pneumonia in the phase 2/3 PANAMO study. Later, however, InflaRx reported in a predefined analysis without site-stratification that vilobelimab significantly decreased all-cause mortality at 28 days. While the initial protocol did not require site-stratification, the company amended the protocol based on regulators’ recommendations.

Regulatory nod for vilobelimab could spark new developments …
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