BD seeks to establish a new standard of care in blood collection

[Image from BD]BD (NYSE:BDX) earlier this year announced a move that it believes can change the standard of care in blood collection.

With the acquisition of Velano Vascular and its needle-free technology for high-quality blood draws, the company aims to transform patient experience, according to BD’s worldwide president of medication delivery solutions Rick Byrd.

“Needle sticks can be one of the most traumatic aspects of a hospital stay,” Byrd told MassDevice in an interview. “For the patient, obviously, but they’re also anxiety-ridden for the phlebotomist and the nurse who has to perform the needlesticks. … The acquisition of Velano Vascular adds an innovative, needle-free blood draw technology to our portfolio that will reduce the pain and discomfort of multiple needle sticks.

“We believe it will create a whole new standard of care for blood collection.”

The acquisition — for which terms were not dis…

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BD announces ‘One-Stick Hospital Stay” blood collection initiative

BD (NYSE:BDX) announced today that it plans to transform the patient experience through a “One-Stick Hospital Stay” blood collection solution.

Franklin Lakes, N.J.-based BD said in a news release that its recent acquisition of Velano Vascular and its needle-free technology for high-quality blood draws from existing peripheral intravenous catheter (PIVC) lines offers a way to eliminate multiple needlesticks for blood sample collection.

Velano’s FDA-cleared PIVO device paves the way for the “One-Stick Hospital Stay” blood collection and vascular access initiative, providing certain low-acuity patients a chance to have just one “stick” across their entire stay in the hospital.

“As a global leader in vascular access solutions and blood collection, BD has been on the forefront of innovations that improve the patient experience and reduce additional needlesticks,” BD president of medication delivery solut…

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