Eicos Sciences’ FDA-approved Aurlumyn promises to drastically reduce frostbite amputations

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Imagine scaling a mountain only to later lose digits or an entire hand to the unforgiving ravages of frostbite. For climbers, explorers, adventurous backcountry skiers, and even those caught in unexpected winter storms, severe cold exposure carries a devastating risk — amputation. Today,  thanks to a potentially landmark FDA approval, the prospect of losing one’s extremities to frostbite becomes slightly less chilling.

Novel indication for iloprost

Eicos Sciences’s Aurlumyn, containing the active ingredient iloprost, offers a novel approach to treating severe frostbite. Iloprost, a synthetic version of a naturally occurring substance known as prostacyclin, targets two key problems. First, it addresses cold-induced blood vessel construction by widening them to restore essential blood flow to the affected tissues. Second, it prevents blood clots from forming, which can further block circulation…

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