Vascular Graft Solutions wins FDA approval for clampless proximal anastomosis

Vascular Graft Solutions today announced that it has received FDA approval for its Viola clampless anastomosis in coronary artery bypass grafting.

The Viola device is designed to minimize aortic manipulation during on and off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) to enable cardiac surgeons to perform protected, clean and dry proximal anastomosis without partial clamping the aorta.

“The Viola has important design features that provide reliable and safe mechanism for constructing clampless proximal anastomoses,” Gil Bolotin, director of the cardiac surgery department at Rambam Medical Center in Israel, said in a news release. “The integrated punching mechanism, the excellent sealing quality which makes blower unnecessary and the ability to perform multiple anastomoses with a single device makes the Viola a very attractive tool in our operating room.”

“We are very excited about this important milestone,” founder and…

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