VARTA and Sager Electronics sign distribution agreement

NEWS RELEASE: Sager Electronics and VARTA Sign Distribution Agreement

VARTA AG has a new partner for its U.S. business: Sager Electronics, a leading North American distributor of Interconnect, Power, and Electromechanical products and custom solutions provider, announced the addition of VARTA AG to its line card. As a globally recognized technology innovator, VARTA will be providing an extensive battery offering for a variety of applications.

Bill Flanagan, President for VARTA North America: “As the premier Power and Battery distributor in North America, we are excited to work with Sager Electronics and the Sager Power Systems team to provide innovative battery solutions to their customers. We look forward to developing new battery customers with VARTA’s expansive battery product offering.”

The cooperation is the latest addition to VARTA’s growing line-up of premium distributors in the U.S. and will increase the brand’s visibility and market access, Flanagan ad…

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Varta presents microbattery product portfolio at Computex 2022

Varta microbatteries [Photo courtesy of Varta]

Varta will present its broad product portfolio of microbatteries, which make a wide range of future-proof applications possible, at Computex in Taipei starting today.

Varta’s microbattery product portfolio ranges from rechargeable lithium-ion button cells to nickel metal hydride button cells, primary silver oxide cells, primary lithium button cells and cylindrical lithium batteries to hydrogen gas generating cells as well as the primary Varta alkaline Industrial Pro batteries.

They enable a wide range of smart applications from different fields: COVID-19 electronic antibody tests, smart patches and smart pills for the healthcare sector, smart metering, security and monitoring systems, smart sensor technology and tools for a connected experience and innovative computing.

Varta’s microbatteries have exceptional runtime, low self-discharge, a…

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Varta launches online battery monitoring feature

Varta’s Cloud Monitoring Dashboard [Image courtesy of Varta]

Battery maker Varta has launched a cloud computing feature to let customers remotely monitor battery charging, health and the temperature of the battery management system.

While Varta makes microbatteries for medical devices such as hearing aids, the new online monitoring dashboard is meant for its “Easy Block” and “Easy Blade” modular smart batteries. The smart batteries go into forklifts, driverless transport systems and other small or medium vehicles at manufacturers and distributors. Users of Varta’s customer-specific batteries will also have access to the remote monitoring feature, and Varta said it plans to expand its cloud services in the future.

The rechargeable “Easy Block” and “Easy Blade” lithium batteries are modular and expandable. They’re adaptable for applications …

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