Vander-Bend Manufacturing rebrands as Vantedge Medical

NEWS RELEASE: Vander-Bend Manufacturing and Subsidiaries Announce Strategic Transformation to Become One Company, with One Vision for the Future as Vantedge Medical

SAN JOSE, CA — Vander-Bend Manufacturing, Inc. (“Vander-Bend”) and subsidiaries including TMK Manufacturing (“TMK”), JL Haley (“JLH”), Swiss Precision Machining (“SPM”), and Omni Components (“Omni”), all portfolio companies of Aterian Investment Partners (“Aterian”), are pleased to announce a strategic transformation to become one company, Vantedge Medical.

For more than 40 years, Vander-Bend has been partnering with customers in complex precision manufacturing and assembly with differentiated engineering, prototyping support, and quality systems. The Company primarily serves medical technology markets including Robotic Assisted Surgery and Radiation Oncology, among other high-growth end markets. Over the last four years, the organization has made four successful acquisitions of TMK,…

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