Beckman Coulter Life Sciences snatches up ValitaCell

The lab automation company Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has acquired the Dublin, Ireland–based biotech company ValitaCell.

ValitaCell specializes in developing analytical technologies based on rich cell data to reduce the cost of commercializing new therapeutics.

ValitaCell  boasts that its ValitaTiter product fares better than other industry IgG quantification assays in terms of speed and ease of use. ValitaCell also claims that ValitaTiter has several advantages over techniques such as ELISA and HPLC.

“ValitaCell has a proven record for delivering innovative products and we are excited to build upon our successful partnership with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences,” said Dr. Jerry Clifford, Co-Founder and CEO of ValitaCell, in a news release. “Together with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, we will advance our shared ambition to accelerate and enable the sustainable manufacture of innovative biological medicines to bring them to market faster.”


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