Medical device maker donates $3M worth of supplies to Ukraine

Medical device manufacturer V6CO today said it is sending nearly $3 million worth of medical supplies to Ukraine as Russia’s invasion stretches beyond six months.

New York City-based V6CO’s donation includes more than 11.5 million syringe sets in support of aid efforts.

“At V6CO we offer our support for the people who have been impacted by the invasion of Ukraine,” V6CO CEO Mance Zhu said in a news release. “As individuals and organizations, we can all do our part to collectively provide support and work to make a difference.”

Medical supplies remain in high demand in Ukraine as fighting continues and supply chains struggle to keep up, according to United Help Ukraine, the nonprofit charitable organization partnering with V6CO.

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“We remain grateful for the outpouring of support from dedicated groups across the globe in our fight to maintain …

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