This surgical robotic arm could potentially 3D bioprint inside the human body

The tiny flexible 3D bioprinter developed at UNSW Sydney was able to 3D print a variety of materials with different shapes on the surface of a pig’s kidney. [Photo courtesy of Dr Thanh Do]

Engineers in Australia say they developed a miniature robotic arm that could 3D print biomaterial directly onto human organs.

UNSW Sydney researchers developed the flexible, soft robotic arm for 3D bioprinting. This process fabricates biomedical parts from so-called “bioink” to construct natural, tissue-like structures. Predominantly used for research purposes, the process normally requires the use of large 3D printing machines to produce cellular structures outside the body.

However, Dr. Thanh Nho Do and his Ph.D. student, Mai Thanh Thai, collaborated with other UNSW researchers to develop a new bioprinting method. Scientia professor Nigel Lovell, Dr. Hoang-Phuong Phan and associate professor Jelena Rnjak-…

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