This ‘e-tattoo’ could provide early detection for heart disease

The e-tattoo for monitoring heart health [Image courtesy of the University of Texas]

Researchers at the University of Texas developed a new flexible, wearable “electronic tattoo” for heart monitoring.

The ultrathin, lightweight “e-tattoo” attaches to the chest for continuous, mobile heart monitoring outside of a clinical setting. It features two sensors that combine to provide a clear picture of heart health. Researchers developed it in an effort to give clinicians a better chance to catch early red flags for heart disease.

The Texas team published their study in Advanced Electronic Materials.

“Most heart conditions are not very obvious. The damage is being done in the background and we don’t even know it,” Nanshu Lu, a professor in the Department of Aerospace and Engineering Mechanics and a lead author of the study, said in a post on the UT website. “If we can have continu…

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TriSalus, University of Texas to collaborate on solid tumor treatment study

TriSalus Life Sciences and the University of Texas today announced a collaboration to evaluate the treatment of solid tumors.

The Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and TriSalus will collaborate on treatments for tumors of the pancreas and liver by integrating interventional delivery of SD-101, an investigational toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) agonist, in combination with checkpoint inhibition immunotherapy, according to a news release.

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