Spinal cord stimulation helps with mobility after stroke, researchers say

[Screenshot obtained from Pitt video demonstration]

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University say spinal cord stimulation could improve arm and hand mobility.

This neurotechnology instantly improves arm and hand mobility in those affected by stroke. It could allow those affected by moderate to severe stroke to conduct normal daily activities more easily.

The researchers published their report in Nature Medicine.

According to a news story on the Pitt website, the researchers used a pair of thin, metal electrodes. They implant the electrodes, which resemble strands of spaghetti, along the neck. These electrodes engage intact neural circuits, allowing stroke patients to fully open and close their fist. Patients also may lift their arm above their head or use a fork and knife to cut a piece of steak.

“We discovered that electrical stimulation of specific spinal …

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