UMass Amherst researchers tout sensing eye mask

Researchers at UMass Amherst are touting a lightweight eye mask that can capture pulse, eye movement and sleep signals.

In a report published in the journal Matter, wearable electronics lab director Trisha Andrew and computer scientist Deepak Ganesan, among others, point out that the mask, which is capable of tracking pulse and eye movement in an everyday environment, will enable a number of sleep and psycho-social studies, while also improving the accuracy and usability of gaming and virtual reality headsets.

First author S. Zohreh Homayounfar, who will present the findings this week at the online Fall Meeting of the American Chemical Society, describes the mask as containing five silver thread-based hydrogel electrodes, called tAgTrodes, for translating ion-based biological signasl into an electric current.

The mask, called “Chesma,” is fitted with two fabric electrodes that can be sewn into pre-made garments and further miniaturized to all…

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