This robotic tech could help detect breast cancer early

Researchers developed this robotIc radial palpatIon device for breast exams. [Photo by George Jenkinson/University of Bristol]

Researchers at the University of Bristol have developed new robotic technology that could improve the way women monitor their breast health.

This manipulator device, based at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, applies specific forces similar to those used by human examiners, but its sensor technology can detect deeper lumps.

The system is designed to provide accessible and safe electronic clinical breast exams (CBEs) with accurate results, the researchers said.

These examinations require precision, repeatability and accuracy. A range of existing automatic and semi-automatic devices have been proposed to aid in optimizing the task, especially in difficult-to-detect and hard-to-reach situations, like minimally invasive surgery.

The Bristol research team — a mix of postg…

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