India-led research effort asks the question: How do we keep a potential COVID-19 vaccine cold?

[Image courtesy of University of Birmingham]

U.K. scientists have joined a research effort in India to help solve distribution problems around whatever COVID-19 vaccine hopefully emerges from global efforts, according to a recent news release from the University of Birmingham.

Backed by the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, experts from the University of Birmingham and Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh are investigating the challenge involved in distributing a potentially temperature-sensitive COVID–19 vaccine.

The Centre for Environment Education (CEE) in India is leading the overall research, with support from commercial partners such as Zanotti (a part of the Daikin Group), Sure Chill and Nexleaf Analytics. The British researchers are exploring how integrated “Community Cooling Hubs’” can integrate food cold chains with other cold-dependent services such as community health fac…

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