UnitedHealthcare to cover Senseonics Eversense E3 CGM

The Eversense E3 system. [Image from Ascensia/Senseonics]Senseonics (NYSE:SENS) announced that UnitedHealthcare intends to begin providing coverage for its Eversense E3 CGM.

Coverage of the continuous glucose monitor for people with type 1 and insulin-requiring type 2 diabetes goes into effect on July 1, 2023. UnitedHealthcare, the largest health insurance company in the U.S., covers more than 45 million lives. Its offerings include health benefits, affordable coverage, a simplified healthcare experience and access to high-quality care.

Germantown, Maryland-based Senseonics designed its next-generation Eversense E3 CGM for long-term monitoring. The 180-day implantable CGM received FDA approval in February of last year.

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UnitedHealthcare to cover Abbott’s non-opioid neurstimulation therapy for nerve pain

Abbott (NYSE:ABT) announced today that UnitedHealthcare updated a medical policy that expands access to certain neurostimulation devices.

UnitedHealthcare updated its “Implanted Electrical Stimulator for Spinal Cord” policy, increasing patient access to Abbott’s non-opioid dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurostimulation device for treating chronic pain.

The updated policy covers 26 million UnitedHealthcare commercial members and will go into effect on March 1, 2022, according to a news release.

Abbott touts its non-opioid DRG stimulation as the world’s only neurostimulator specifically designed for treating complex nerve pain conditions caused by complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or peripheral causalgia. The Proclaim DRG neurostimulation system is the only FDA approved DRG technology for treating CRPS and causalgia of the lower extremities, the company said.

DRG therapy stimulates the dorsal root ganglia bundle of nerves lo…

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UnitedHealthcare to cover Nevro’s spinal cord stimulation treatment for chronic pain

The Senza system [image from Nevro]Nevro (NYSE:NVRO) announced today that UnitedHealthcare will provide coverage for its painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN) treatment.

Redwood City, California-based Nevro’s Senza 10 kHz spinal cord stimulation (SCS) therapy will now be covered by the largest private health insurance company in the U.S. for dates of service on or after March 1, 2022, according to a news release.

Under the policy, UnitedHealthcare considers Nevro’s high-frequency SCS system to be proven and medically necessary for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy when specified criteria are met.

Senza received FDA approval for treating chronic pain associated with PDN in July 2021. The company said at the time that Senza is the only spinal cord stimulation system approved by the FDA with a specific indication for treating PDN.

“We believe this expeditious coverage decision from UnitedHealthcare following our submission to their medi…

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