Fujifilm installs ultrasound tech in radiology centers throughout California

The Arietta 650 DeepInsight. [Image from Fujifilm]Fujifilm Healthcare Americas announced today that installations began for its Arietta 650 DeepInsight ultrasound systems in California.

United Medical Imaging Healthcare in Los Angeles started installing the systems across its radiology facilities in southern California. This comes as part of a volume purchase agreement between the two companies.

According to a news release, these represent the first systems installed in the U.S. that use DeepInsight technology. DeepInsight offers cognitive technology for extracting only necessary information from image raw data. This helps deliver clearer images, Fujifilm said.

“Ultrasound imaging has become an indispensable diagnostic tool in modern medicine,” said Hideyuki Honda, VP of ultrasound solutions and business development, Fujifilm Healthcare Americas. “However, ultrasound images are often subject to noises generated in the system, which can make it difficult to …

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FDA clears United Imaging’s MRI

Medical imaging and radiotherapy outfit United Imaging announced today that it received FDA clearance for its UMR Omega MRI scanner.

Shanghai-based United Imaging, which has a U.S. base in Houston, touts the UMR Omega as having the world’s first ultra-wide 75 cm bore to provide a patient-centric experience for accomodating wide range of patients, according to a news release.

UMR Omega also has a 680-lb table capacity and is designed to — for the first time, according to the company — create an MRI for bariatric patients.

The scanner can be used with pediatric and geriatric patients with faster scanning for patients who are unable to stay still for long periods of time. It also offers acute imaging in the emergency room, five-minute stroke protocol and cardiac imaging with a single breath-hold that reduces the number of required scans.

According to United Imaging, the U.S. is the first country in the world to welcome UMR Omega to its commerci…

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