Quantum computing promises new frontier in drug discovery and bioinformatics

[James Thew/Adobe Stock]

Quantum computing — described by pop astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson as “computing with atoms” — is an emerging technology with a potential for immense computational speed and power. For some problems, quantum computers can be exponentially faster than classical computers, while for others the speedup may be more measured. The promise for drug discovery could be significant.

But the promises of quantum computing extend beyond mere increases in data processing horsepower. In an era dominated by generative AI models, which rely heavily on massive volumes of data for predictions, a different perspective emerges. Kristin M. Gilkes, EY Global Innovation Quantum Leader, underscores this shift in perspective. “I don’t believe we’ll need as much data with quantum computing,” she said. Gilkes sees the focus is shifting towards becoming data-centric, prioritizing the right set…

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