Ultra-low temperature freezer offers an alternative to traditional cryovats

Reflect Scientific’s Cryometrix T-160 ultra-low temperature freezer is designed to be a safer, more reliable and more efficient option for the pharmaceutical and medical industries than cryogenic freezers requiring liquid nitrogen. The refrigerator also replaces the compressor and refrigerant design present in most biorepositories.

The upright liquid nitrogen freezer boasts adjustable temperatures from +20°C to –160°C, providing faster freeze times than traditional upright freezer options. The freezer also offers temperature uniformity of ±7°C, ensuring sample preservation.

Eco-friendly design and other features

Cryometrix T-160

The manufacturer notes that the Cryometrix freezer is eco-friendly, with a simplified design and minimal moving parts. It says the design supports reliability and lowers maintenance costs. Reflect Scientific also offers a 20-year warranty on the cooling system.


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