XaTek to develop rugged ClotChip for U.S. Navy

XaTek today announced a deal with the U.S. Navy to develop its ClotChip handheld blood coagulation reader for military deployment.

The reader measures a patient’s bleeding risk from one drop of blood from a fingerstick. It will be adapted to withstand excessive impact and vibration of trauma patient support. The adaptions will be validated in a dynamic operational environment on a U.S. Navy aircraft. XaTek also plans to make the ClotChip suited for civilian transport as well.

“The issues of transporting the severely injured patient within a military deployment setting can be compared to that of heavy trauma associated with some situations of everyday life – such as automobile accidents,” CEO John Zak said in a news release. “The ClotChip system could eventually be deployed in ambulances and on civilian patient transport helicopters — improving the delivery of care en route to the hospital.”

XaTek suggests that the use of the…

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