At-home predictive care and the shifting patient experience

The eMed platform connects patients with telehealth providers for home testing. [Photo courtesy of eMed]

These medtech developers are advancing remote patient monitoring, virtual care, and AI predictive care.

Robin Farmanfarmaian

The combination of remote patient monitoring (RPM), virtual care and AI predictive care is changing the patient experience. Instead of the occasional clinic visit, people can interact with their healthcare daily and on-demand.

Here are a few of the medtech startups advancing remote, continuous and predictive care. Together, these companies enable truly personalized care, tailored to someone in their daily life and environment.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

There are many technology devices that have cleared the FDA and qualify as remote physiologic monitoring under the Medicare CPT codes. Medicare also has remote therapeutic monitoring CPT codes for musculoskeletal …

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TytoCare wins CE mark for lung sound analyzer

TytoCare this week received CE mark approval for its Tyto Lung Sounds Analyzer for remote medical exams.

The New York-based company designed the AI-powered Tyto Lung as a web-based software module that adds more capabilities to the existing TytoCare portfolio. It processes recordings from the company’s off-the-shelf compatible electronic TytoCare stethoscope and aids in the clinical assessment of lung auscultation sound data by analyzing recorded lung sounds to detect wheezing in adults in children.

TytoCare said that the CE mark approval will allow it to immediately launch in Europe. It is currently seeking FDA clearance.

“Receiving the CE mark on the Lung Sounds Analyzer is an important milestone for TytoCare, as it brings to market a powerful, highly integrated, and easy-to-use software system that will benefit both healthcare providers and patients,” CEO Dedi Gilad said in a news release. “We are confident that this will enhance telehealt…

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