Six degrees of freedom can boost minimally invasive surgical techniques

Tiny and precise, smarter 6DOF wire-winding technologies can increase surgical access and improve outcomes.

Garrett Plank, TT Electronics

Ultra-fine wire-winding techniques enable sensor data acquisition via new angular 6DOF, a measurement reference to a device’s capability for accuracy based on multiple axes across which the device can move. [Image courtesy of TT Electronics]

Minimally invasive surgical procedures require advanced motion tracking technology that can locate surgical instruments and tools inside the human body when there is no clear line of sight. Electromagnetic tracking (EMT) technology enables this performance: Electromagnetic coils drive the “six degrees of freedom,” known as 6DOF, that empower surgeons and clinicians to clearly visualize and navigate the human body. Today, advancements in electromagnetics are increasing 6DOF accuracy without increasing the size of the device.

Where 6…

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