iBio’s chief reveals strategy behind AI-driven bispecific antibody discovery plans

Immunotherapy firm iBio (NYSEA:IBIO) has incorporated EngageTx, a machine learning-driven technology, into its development roadmap. This T-cell engaging antibody panel assists in generating bispecific antibodies targeting cancer cells. In particular, the firm is developing a novel Trophoblast Cell Surface Antigen 2 (TROP-2) bispecific molecule to target TROP-2-positive cancers.

A look at the rise of AI in oncology

As part of a broader trend, drug developers are employing machine learning in biotech to handle complex targets in areas like oncology, genomics, personalized medicine and rare diseases. In 2022, AI-employed companies had more than 150 small-molecule drugs in discovery and more than 15 in clinical trials, according to Boston Consulting Group. The group projected an almost 40% annual growth rate for the AI-fueled pipeline.

In a significant pivot, Bryan, Texas–headquartered iBio announced in November 2022 that it was divesting its contract development a…

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