How a J&J exec found her calling in autoantibody drug development

Katie Abouzahr

Dr. Katie Abouzahr’s career, which began in the wards of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) before extending into management consulting, paved the way for her leadership of autoantibody and maternal fetal medicine programs at Johnson & Johnson. “It’s not a typical pharma executive’s straight line path,” she acknowledged. “Careers can often be jungle gyms as opposed to ladders that you climb one rung at a time. It’s always a mixture of opportunity, timing, serendipity, and persistence.”

Those qualities helped pave the way for her current focus on autoantibody-based conditions marked by high unmet need. Drawing on her experience across clinical medicine, consulting, and drug development, Abouzahr focuses on advancing medicines for autoimmune and autoantibody-driven diseases, which are marked by high unmet need. The broader immunology area is a central …

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