Behind the scenes: Dr. Andy Beck, PathAI CEO, talks PathExplore

A selected region of a digitized H&E-stained slide [Image courtesy of PathAI]

In a recent conversation with Dr. Andy Beck, co-founder and CEO of PathAI, we had the opportunity to discuss PathExplore, an AI-driven platform that aims to transform the way tumor microenvironment (TME) analysis is conducted. Traditional methods such as manual pathology, multiplex immunofluorescence and single-cell omics often face limitations, including high costs or tissue consumption. PathExplore addresses these challenges by using AI to analyze digitized H&E slides, which are widely available and don’t necessitate advanced assays or equipment.

In the following interview, Dr. Beck highlights the advantages of PathExplore, such as its ability to bridge the gap between H&E and high-resolution modalities such as multiplex and single-cell RNA sequencing and its potential for rapidly scaling biomarkers. Additionally, t…

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